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Mass Entrepreneurship and Innovation Character Column | BIOHIT Healthcare: Feng Liu - At the Forefront of Non-invasive Detection of Gastric Diseases

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Feng Liu is the general manager of BIOHIT Healthcare (Hefei) Co., Ltd. Graduated from Anhui Medical University, he was inspired by Professor Osmo, an academician of the Academy of Finland, and devoted himself to the business circle with a passion for preventive medicine. BIOHIT Healthcare (Hefei) Co., Ltd. is a Sino-Finnish joint venture established in 2013. Within three years, it has persisted in technological innovation in the industry and achieved miracles in the entrepreneurial world. Its products have filled many gaps in the gastric disease detection industry.

Speaking of business vision, Feng Liu is full of hope. Taking the integration of the most advanced technology as the starting point, the platform construction as the foundation and the product standard construction as the direction, the Company strives to build a world-class innovative enterprise.

Usher in a new era of non-invasive detection of gastric diseases

BIOHIT Healthcare (Hefei) Co., Ltd. is mainly engaged in the production and sales of serum gastric function test kits and related supporting products. Besides, the Company provides professional technical services and offers quality health services. Since its inception, the Company has established the “active innovation and patent strategies”. The Company has continuously introduced advanced technology, made continuous innovation and development, and made great contributions to this field in China.

General Manager Feng Liu graduated from Anhui Medical University with a medical background. Inspired by Professor Osmo, an academician of Academy of Finland, he devoted himself to the business circle with a passion for preventive medicine. With his lofty ideals, he put it all into practice. When talking about his goal and the relevant business situation, Feng Liu was full of enthusiasm and gave his views in detail. He has devoted a lot of hard work to the Company. Also, he is full of expectations for the future prospect of the Company. When it comes to his entrepreneurship mentality, Feng Liu said that he engaged in this industry for two major hobbies: preventive medicine and business model. He would keep going forward with all his faith!

Within three years of the establishment, after introducing Gastro Panel products with G-17 as the core, the Company established the concept and application of gastric function by digesting and making re-innovation, and filled the blank of serological detection of gastric function. This indicator is of great important clinical significance and has been generally recognized by relevant experts in the China’s medical field. The Company has been continuously committed to the upgrade of gastric detection technology. As a result, the Company has realized the automatic rapid detection, providing technical guarantee for the widespread application of gastric detection worldwide, and ushering in a new era of non-invasive detection of gastric diseases.

At present, the Company has established the largest production platforms of ELISA, CLIA and POCT in Anhui Province. With a clean workshop covering an area of nearly 2,000㎡, the Company has introduced the world-class fully automatic production line, and passed the TUV’s ISO13485 quality control system certification in April this year.

The Company always gives priority to innovation. The R&D Department has established a domestic first-class antigen and antibody R&D platform. Also, the Company owns independent intellectual property rights over the antigen preparation, antibody purification and reagent preparation technology. In addition, the Company has also established a domestic first-class R&D and production platform for lanthanide fluorescence immunochromatographic detection and chemiluminescence detection reagents, and has developed the fully automatic chemiluminescence immunoassay analyzer (WSYJZZ2013 No. 2400053) and POCT immunofluorescence reader, whose quality has reached international standards. This technology was invented by Finland’s BIOHIT Group, which holds Chinese and international invention patents. Its products have passed the US FDA and EU CE certifications. All these achievements are the efforts and contributions of BIOHIT. The Company has adopted a gastric carcinoma screening program suitable for China’s national conditions, barium meal on the upper digestive tract, digestive endoscopy, non-invasive examination, and new ABC-method gastric carcinoma screening program, so as to better solve gastric problems.

Serve the public with innovative development

Gastric carcinoma is one of the major diseases that endanger the public health. The incidence of gastric carcinoma remains high in China. Therefore, reducing the incidence and mortality of gastric carcinoma in China is a major public health problem that needs to be solved urgently.

Regarding the current medical problems of Chinese people, Feng Liu put forward his own views. According to Feng Liu, a vast majority of Chinese people see doctors in large hospitals, whereas few people go to small hospitals and community hospitals. The resulting problem of difficulty in seeing a doctor has not been solved well. He mentioned that not only there were famous doctors in big hospitals, but actually small hospitals and community hospitals were also trustworthy. Confidently, he hoped that the Company’s products would not only serve the Grade-A Tertiary Hospitals, but also better serve small hospitals and community hospitals. In terms of business vision, based on the integration of the most advanced technology, the Company closely focuses on the construction of medical standards and promotes the marketization of medical solutions; based on the platform construction and product standard construction as the direction, the Company has raised the industrialization level of the diagnostic industry as a whole, established a new operating system in terms of innovation, standardization and accessibility, and built into an international first-class innovative enterprise.

As Feng Liu mentioned, he enjoyed the comfortable environment of the Innovation Industry Park. He believed that such an entrepreneurial environment was extremely attractive, and the supporting system was also very complete. Before the enterprise foundation, he received great support from the government and was deeply touched.