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Chemiluminescence Gastric Function Detection Kit
【Packing Specification】100 servings/box
【Expected Usage】This kit is suitablefor the quantitative determination of gastrin 17 (G-17), pepsinogen Ⅰ (PGⅠ) andpepsinogen Ⅱ (PGⅡ) in human serum and plasma samples in vitro.
【Storage and ValidityPeriod】The kit should berefrigerated in the dark at 2℃-8℃, and the validity period is 12 months. Do notfreeze or expose it to direct sunlight. After opening, the kit must be sealedand refrigerated at 2℃-8℃, and it should be used within 28 days.
【Applicable Instrument】Suitablefor LUMIART-Ⅱ-1 luminescence measuring instrument produced by Hefei YuntaoPhotoelectric Technology Co., Ltd.

【Detection Steps】

Inorder to ensure the correct detection results, please strictly follow theoperating instructions of the LUMIART-Ⅱ-1 luminometer. The detection reactionprocess and related parameters have been preset in the instrument operatingsoftware:

•Addthe enzyme solution, magnetic microsphere solution and sample to the reactionvessel, and incubate at 37°C for 10 minutes.

• Move the reactionvessel to the washing station for magnetic separation and washing for 3 times,and drain off the supernatant.
•Movethe reaction vessel to the measurement chamber and add substrates A and B todetermine the luminescence value.

Theluminous value of each sample is substituted into the calibration curve, inorder to calculate the G-17, PGⅠ and PGⅡ concentrations of each sample.