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BIOHIT Healthcare (Hefei) Co., Ltd. Was Identified as the 2017 Intellectual Property Model Enterprise in Hefei

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In order to further promote the construction of a national intellectual property demonstration city, the Hefei Intellectual Property Office has identified 120 enterprises such as BIOHIT Healthcare (Hefei) Co., Ltd. as “2017 Hefei Intellectual Property Demonstration Enterprises”.

During the demonstration period, BIOHIT Healthcare will establish and improve the intellectual property system, improve the quality and quantity of invention patents, promote the transformation and use of intellectual property results, and strengthen the standardized management of intellectual property.

BIOHIT Healthcare will actively cooperate with the intellectual property management departments of counties (cities), districts and development zones to supervise the demonstration enterprises, attach great importance to them, make scientific arrangements, and promptly start the demonstration construction to ensure that the demonstration construction work is completed on time.