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BIOHIT Healthcare (Hefei) Co., Ltd. Exhibited in the 18th Anhui Laboratory Medicine Seminar in 2016

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From August 22 to August 24, the 18th Anhui Laboratory Medicine Seminar was held in Hefei. Related inspection reagents and equipment exhibitions were held concurrently. The Company’s gastric program participated in the exhibition, and received unanimous praise from teachers and colleagues in the industry.

    GastroPanel® is a method to assist the diagnosis of gastric mucosal diseases by taking 2ml of human venous blood, measuring the content of G-17, PG I and II, and comprehensively analyzing the results. Its core indicator is G-17. This is a non-invasive, painless, safe and economical method for detection of gastric diseases. This technology was invented by Finland BIOHIT Healthcare Group, and has Chinese and international invention patents. Its products have passed the US FDA and EU CE certifications.

Adhering to the concept of continuous innovation for health, the Company actively innovates on the basis of traditional immunoassay methods for gastric function. The newly developed POCT rapid detection device for gastric function is far higher than the domestic industry level, and its performance indicators are close to German ESE technical standards. With the upcoming launch of new products, we believe we will serve more medical institutions and the public.